I’m planning to write a superhero novel. My characters and the plot are based a little bit on Fantastic Four. But I don’t want to be a copycat. So, I should tell a little bit about my idea (please, don’t steal it):

Plot (idea currently):

Five people get superpowers by an incident. One of the five turns into a villain and “switches off” the powers of those other heroes (not the four; yes, in this world there are already superheroes). Now those four has to fight and save the world against that evil one.

Characters (idea currently):

One female – I have no idea for the power. Do you have one? But she works as a barista in my story.

Male 1 – (There I’m not sure. But maybe similar to Mr. Fantastic. At least, it symbolized water. Do you have an idea. Nothing boring like hydrokinese, please.) He is the scientist guy in my story.

Male 2 – pyrokinesis. The annoying, little brother of the female one.

Male 3 – geokinesis (instead of being a big human rock).

I need a little bit help. The story is set in St. Louis, not in New York. It’s a futuristic story. Yah! It would be very nice if you help a little bit. If the plot is ok for you, I already have a plot plan. But I’m very unsure about the story idea because it’s sounds very cheesy.

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