This is like the "blurb" of my story. It has a little description of my characters' principal arc over the story and their backstory. It serves as an introduction but i would love to hear some critiques or suggestions.

The Mage, searching for his lost father, not knowing he is bound to find a secret that will unbalance the power of all nations.

-Eldin Caellahar, student to the Academy of Valdamar of the Tor Andryr, the mage-only city-state, suddenly gets contacted by a mysterious person claiming that his father, who died 20 years ago, is not actually dead and the secret police of the mages, the Eye of Valdur, is trying to find him. Eldin will start a search with the help of his two best friends, Lorin and Ilenna, not knowing he will uncover a secret that will put all the nations of the world to tremble.

The Knight, servant of the King, who will need to cuestion his loyalties in order to save what he once sworn to protect.

-Caedwin van Darnell is the captain of the Golden Knights, the most powerful knights in the Harleon Kingdom. He is charged with the protection of the King himself, Luranor van Toralys and his son the prince Darion. With war at the gates of the kingdom, Caedwin is ordered to do something that contradicts all the oaths he once sworn to protect, but the fate of the kingdom may very well depend on his desicion.

The Rebel, who once fought against her own nation, now suddenly is faced with the obligation to rule the people she hated.

-Atemyra d'Eleddar is part of the rebel group The Spear of Vacht, who seeks to dethrone the tyranical Prince of the Riverlands, Johairnne d'Altroia. In an important mission to sabotage the Prince, she meets the dark priest Carone d'Maran, who discovers that she is the new Dark Empress, prophesied to reunite all the Remnants of the Black Empire.

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The Ranger, taken from the forests she guards, will have to find a purpose amidst the conspiracies of the nobility.

-Therysa, daughter of Vaerel is the Ranger General of the Anthae'Velari, Protectors of the Great Forest of Galandor. One day she encounters a bizarre creature that atacks her squad and almost anihilates it. She then has to go to the capital of the Syl'Dorey Kingdom to report what she found, but the seat of power of the wood elves is very different to the forests she's used to, and she will soon learn that the nobles dont always mean what they say.

The Princess, betrayed by her brother, now seeks the protection of the unknown, and above all else, revenge.

-Yokko Harin was the sixth princess of the Yin Dai Empire until his brother, Kagure Daizana the second prince, killed his father the Emperor and the other princes and princesses. She barely escaped alive with the help of his ever loyal servant Lao-Yian, and now she runs for her life while the shadowy assasins of her brother watch her every step. But nothing, no matter the cost, will stop her from searching the way to avenge her family and recover the lost crown.

The Hero, broken by his past, tries to flee from his memories, until he is forced to accompany an explorer that seeks his help with a holy mission.

-Karanar Wintersong, former leader of the Five Heroes of Ariathel that seven years ago defeated the Necromancer King Arakiss, is now a lowly mercenary, haunted by the decisions he made in the past. That is until he meets a cheerful arqueologist, Lady Sira Vikari, who is decided to get his help on a holy mission charged by the Supreme Mother herself, that could very well end up in a holy war.

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Which one of these character's stories sounds more interesting? Sorry if grammatical errors slipped my grasp.

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