In my current project I'm experimenting a bit with form and structure and want some feedback over whether it will be interesting or just annoying.

The premise: An exiled king and his son (my MC) have spent the last 4 years slowly gathering, training, and equipping an army in secret, and taking a long, circuitous route back home to avoid detection. All the secrecy is because the usurper they're trying to overthrow and his armies would crush them in a standard battle, so they have to rely on secrecy and caution.

We start the story near the very tail end of this journey, just before what would in other books be the climactic storming of the castle. The book then focuses on picking up the pieces after the usurper's misrule; placating allies, defeating holdouts, paying back favors, etc. As well as the central conflict, of course (Long story short: the bad guy only took over to prevent an even greater evil from rising up). The hook of the whole thing is supposed to be "Defeating the Dark Lord is great and all, but what happens after?" Lots of events and characters that the reader did not see directly will be referenced as having already happened.

So my question is, would this interest you as a reader, or just piss you off, like I'm holding out on telling you about stuff you'd really want to read about?

(Disclaimer: "Just start earlier in the story" is an option, but notice how I used the words 'slow', 'long', and 'circuitous' up there. I don't think it would make for very compelling fiction; like reading about a video game character level-grinding before a fight.)

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(Disclaimer 2: I'm looking for more in-depth advice than "It's your story, do what you want." The whole problem is that I don't know what to do and am looking for advice.)

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