Chandra flew through the narrow passageways of the forge district at a breakneck pace. All around her the sounds and smells of industry assaulted her every sense. She never enjoyed visiting the underbelly of the city. The air was perpetually choked with a melange of ash, embers and the pungent scent of smelting Akasha.

Already she could feel the excess weight of soot built up on her delicate wings, their distinctive silvery shimmer all but erased. The rebel she was pursuing had thought to lose her in the labyrinthine complex of industrial works below the capital. Slim chance. Even with a generous lead the Human was no match for the speed and agility of a Kinar.

Chandra reached behind her to grab the Akasha bolt pistol at the small of her back. As she rounded the next corner she made visual contact with the rebel. "Target located" she reported to the occulus on her wrist. The device glowed a muted blue in response – confirmation.

She closed the distance between them in short order. "Rebel" she said. "You have nowhere left to flee." The man turned around and lifted his arm, "wh..shavat!" Chandra dipped low as fast as she could. Not fast enough. The energy blast clipped her top left wing sheering a piece of it off.

Her world was a blur. The damage to her wing sent her into a whirl, slamming her into the ground. She landed on her shoulder with a dull thud and heard the sickeningly wet crunch of breaking bone and cartilage.

Amongst the haze of pain and anger one thought rang out clear as crystal. Illegal Akasha weaponry! Suddenly her assignment made sense. Chandra had wondered why the Triumvirate would waste their time hunting down small rebel cells. If this particular group had managed to get their hands on a shipment then there was no way to be certain other cells hadn't already been similarly armed. This was bad.

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Chandra rolled onto her back, groaning. She saw a blurry, vaguely human shape standing over her. "Seeker" a young mans voice said. "Why do you hunt us ?" The blurry shape began to resolve. She could see now the boy standing over her. He couldn't have been more then fourteen, a mere Apprentice. "You defy the Triumvirate" Chandra said. "You have turned your back on our ways, and for that, you must stand before a Juridical."

"You are mistaken Seeker." "It is your masters who have turned there backs on our ways." The young man pulled a device out of a satchel on his hip. "We will be free again!" the boy cried out while pressing the trigger.

The service tunnel erupted in a brilliant light as the energy from the bomb washed over the area. Everything in its radius evaporated instantly leaving only blue tinged ash floating in the space were once there were two souls.

The end?

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