Hi everyone.

I'm writing a novel that has 2 main characters, and it's written by their pov. It also contains a lot of secondary characters, and while I have figured out everything about them, having plenty of sheets full of their descriptions, I'm unable to explore them in the novel, since I can't speak from their pov. Of course, we get a sense of them from how they act and react in the novel, and I let the two main characters speak about the others and explain a little of their backgrounds, but I can't do more, and I feel that since I'm writing from their pov I should describe the secondary characters in a subjective rather than objective way.

So, when you have many characters, how do you deal with them? How can I give them the depth I gave them in my initial descriptions, if they can't speak from themselves?

I'm sorry if it's difficult to get what I mean, English is not my mother-tongue, but I hope I made my point.

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