Hi! I was recently offered representation for me/my book through an agency in NYC that has a history of getting some great books published. Yay! I signed the contract (for representation with the agency – not a book contract) and was super excited to finally start sharing the news now that it was official.

However, I never received a copy of the signed contract, so I reached out to my agent thinking it was an oversight. She was super nice and called me back and shared that I hadn’t received the contract with the agency yet because… in 2019, she’d be starting her own agency and was hoping to take my project with her.

Lots of feelings on this! I’m flattered, but super nervous. I’m a first-time, never-before-published writer and I’m brand new to all of this. It has been amazing working with this agent on edits to my book and I feel like it’s made the book so much stronger. But I’m also really surprised and now going from an agency with a successful track record to a brand new one—though the agent clearly has experience. I don’t know. Is this something I should be concerned about? Any thoughts or advice would be very much appreciated!

EDIT: Hi! Just clarifying that I signed a contract with the agency, but the book hasn’t been shipped around yet. Sorry for the confusion!

I’m mostly concerned about 1) legal stuff and 2) could my book getting a deal be impacted by the fact that it’s represented by a new, unknown agency, or does it matter more that the agent has XP? Thank you.

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