Ok, so I've been trying to world-build, and instead of just rehashing prior D&D characters my friends and I made a while back, I was trying to find some wacky characters to just throw into my story, that somehow makes a surprising amount of sense. For example, a giant telepathic spider who weaves outfits in her spare time, and the embodiment of death who plays chess in central park. Unfortunately, my well of source material for these uncommon monsters has run dry, since my criteria is as strict as:

– The idea cannot be obvious (A dryad who gardens is obvious. A dryad who's a diehard environmentalist, chaining herself to trees on the weekends, meanwhile, isn't)

– The character itself can't be too obvious as to be cliche (Orcs, Goblins, Elves, if most of these characters are only going to be seen once or twice, and not given substantial character development, I don't want them to be seen as 'just another X')

Which, the second in particular, is substantially limiting. As in, most of the fantasy genre has been taken out in one fell swoop there.

So, given this, does anyone have any good sources from which to draw inspiration? I'm open to literally anything, current inspiration has been drawn from everything from Monster Musume, to Starbound's Novakid, to wherever the hell playing chess with death comes from. Just looking for something that gives an ounce of character detail, which I could then play off of in stupid ways.


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