I suppose I'm posting this partly as therapy and partly as a genuine query to my fellow writers out there to see if this is a common thing that happens or mainly me. Does anyone else experience this slump in mood/down spell for a couple weeks after finishing a work? I first noticed it last year after finishing a novel I was very excited to get to the end of. I finished it and felt really happy and proud of myself for meeting my self-imposed deadline, but after a few days I had a real rough time. I guess I took for granted the structure that writing that story every day gave me. Well, I'm about to finish another novel (it will be done tomorrow, just one chapter left) and I'm already feeling the blues coming on. Don't misunderstand, I'm extremely happy to have finished another book and thrilled that I got to be with the characters for the last couple months, but there's still that lingering bitter-sweet feeling in the back of my mind that it's over. Anyway, am I alone in this?

TL;DR – Do you feel sad or down in the weeks after completing a novel or short story?

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