I am in the very beginning of figuring out a vague idea I've had in my head for a story. Something I've been contemplating is how my group of characters should form their team.

I basically see it as two routes. The Suicide Squad route and the Guardians of the Galaxy route. I'm not speaking of the quality of the actual movies, but just the dynamics.

Suicide Squad has a cast of characters who form a team basically because they are recruited to. Meanwhile, in Guardians of the Galaxy, the team forms because each character has their own motivations (Peter to sell the orb, Drax to kill Ronan and Thanos, Gamora to piss off Thanos/sell the orb, and Rocket and Groot to collect the bounty on Peter and then to collect money from the orb.) They weren't recruited, they just came across each other and their lives intertwined.

So to get to my question: is the Suicide Squad-route of the team being recruited lazy compared to the GotG-route? I don't want my story to feel lazy, but what I've come up with so far, the team is formed because they are recruited. On the other hand, characters stumbling across each other and becoming dependent on each other to reach their goals just seems like it would lead to a better story and deeper characters.

Sorry for the rambling, I'm just trying to get an idea of what people think. Thanks.

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