Hey guys, I’ve decided to illustrate one of my favorite characters and his adventures. I plan on doing a trilogy about his most significant adventure. Maybe do some separate books telling of his more lesser ones. So what I’ve been working on this week is outlines for book 1 and 2, however, I am finding my story may not be as amazing as I would like.

This is a rough outline of what I have,

My character, Kodai, is about 14, with a father, mother, and little brother. They are living peacefully when a small bandit tribe raids Kodais village. The village fights off the raid pretty easily, as they have tried before. The next day, the Imperial army, approach the village and tells my village that they are built on an immense ebony ore vein that they want. Upon declining the imperial request to relocate, they leave claiming they will get the minerals one way or another. The next day, the same bandit group appears with a lot more numbers and a lot more confidence. They successfully raid and kill Kodais entire village. They find Kodai and his little brother hiding and go to execute them when the Imperial leader appears and tells the bandit leader to spare Kodai, as he will make a good slave, and kill the brother. After Kodais brothers death, something hidden deep within Kodai awakens and he turns into a werewolf and attacks and kills most of the bandits. The imperial leader, badly wounded, escapes. Strained from the transformation, Kodai passes out and wakes up deep in the woods. Before him is a Diety who informs him that he is Kodais true father. That’s why he was a werewolf and didn’t know it.

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That’s the end of book one.

Book two consists of Kodai along with the few survivors of his village track down the imperial leader back to his home (a looooong ways away).

My main concern is there is no threat to Kodai while he goes on this adventure. I find myself having to throw in many different obstacles to compensate for there not being an active enemy. One of my all time favorite series is The Hobbit, they have an excellent plot. Bilbo is trying to make it to an important destination in a certain time and at the same time, is being chased by a group of orcs. This allows them to have a action pact adventure.

Thanks in advance for the help guys. Literally any tips you have to say about my story will mean a great deal to me. Don’t sugar coat it either.

P.S. my story is based in The Elder Scrolls universe. I take NO credit for creating any of it. It is strictly a Fan-Fiction of an already made universe belonging to someone else.-.

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