I’m about 50,000 words into my WIP, and there are three main characters but one that’s more main (?) than the others. He is recently resuscitated from cryopreservation and doesn’t have any attachments in the world, or much knowledge of how society operates.

Basically, he’s easily influenced and fairly helpless. While he develops somewhat, part of the point is that he’s a bit of a tabula rasa, and lacks personality and productivity now that he’s not in the comfort of his old life.

I don’t think I know how to write literarily, but I think a blank-slate MC might be too…I don’t know…for genre fiction. I think genre fiction typically wants MCs they can connect personally with, whereas in literary fiction, that’s less necessary.

Any tips on how to move forward with my MC? Originally, I planned for him to wander through the whole book, in an almost Quixotic manner, but I’m not sure I can write in that style well enough to pull it off. Perhaps I should “just write” though. Easy to say to others; hard to apply to yourself.

Suggestions for books that use this sort of MC (blank slate slash fish out of water) well are welcome, as well as thoughts on what I can do to make the story more engaging.

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