Hello Writers. I've been rolling this idea around in my head for the last couple weeks and I seem to be stuck on this issue.

I want to include a Knight Order in my story. They are called "The 61 Swords of Palaldin X" (I have a real name picked out, I'm just a little protective of things like names so I don't want to post it here.) This Knight Order is loyal to the King (So far, anyway). They are comprised of warriors from all over the world, and though they are called "Swords," not all of them actually use swords. There is already a standing Army and Navy. Essentially these Knights are more like Clandestine Assets for the King.

My MC is conscripted by The Swords in the second act of my story. Here is where I'm running into trouble because while I'm really liking the idea of putting my MC through a Knight Academy, I'm coming up short with smaller scenes of tension. I've got my beginning and ending outlined, I just don't want my middle to fall flat.

So far, all I've got is a rivalry between my MC and the star pupil (The Descendant of Paladin X). He also finds a mentor in an old veteran Admiral, and a friend in a nervous Architect. But this is all still too conceptual.

So I guess I'm asking for one of two things: What about Knights and Knight-Orders "does it for you?" Any suggestions/questions re: my story.

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