I'm relatively new-comer to the field, with my only experience of writing being the stories and tales that I wrote in High-School two years ago. As it currently stands, I've been drafting and redrafting my latest work for the last few months. I've thrown it through Grammarly, done some rewriting, additional edits based on feedback from my few beta readers. Yet, it seems like yet another aspect will hold me back.

I currently have little to no of a following. I'm a novice, a beginner, an amateur so to speak. I've read works in my field(fiction.) and doing my hardest to create a real masterpiece. It's nowhere near perfect, and I have crushing self-doubts about it all so frequently. Especially with how difficult getting the finished product out will be… I'm willing to go the extra mile, but really not sure where to start.

It's paradoxical in a way. How can I have a following, promote my book, or make it known if I've never been published? Creating a website and blog are one answer… But I'd never know what to write in the context of a blog, what to do, or how to create even a visually pleasing website. All things that an agent may ask me about.

I feel overwhelmed as is creating the base product. I've spent hours upon hours, and will spend hours more, on getting it ready for that cathartic moment where I see my story in stores or sold to the public. It's been a dream of mine since the fourth grade. I've researched agents, read on improving writing, tried to do my homework on what agent would like what I bring forward to them. But that fear of a lack of a platform leading to rejection terrifies me… it's inevitable without trying.

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Same really goes for an Editor. As it stands, with my 9-5 job and mass bills, I hardly have the money to afford it… or "spend money to make money" in the case of publishing. I feel trapped and unable to progress despite all of this. JK Rowling was a major inspiration, with her rags to riches life, but that was a one in a billion chance.

Has anyone gone what I've gone through? Or got words of advice/inspiration for my predicament? Any advice at all would be helpful.

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