So one of my story ideas came out of a prompt idea. The idea behind it was simple enough, it set up the timeframe, and the world, and a small pitch to run with. The prompt lead me to coming up with a very in depth story, in fact one that would equal out to be at least four books. The prompt itself isn’t that main storyline, it’s basically more of a setting to explain what is happening in the world while my story takes place.

I was wondering if it’s okay for me to use this? Basically what I am using out of it is that it is modern times, humans and supernatural live amongst one another, and they are clashing. It’s a very general idea.

I was just wondering if it would be okay to use and how far that line goes before it’s sort of a copywriter/plagiarism issue. Like if I was involved in a rp style storyline and based my book off a char I made within that, is that okay for me to use? Can people claim to own general prompt ideas?

Source: reddit post

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