In writing, this is the number 1 thing that always trips me up. One of my stories, currently noting down the plot points of each chapter – I am not sure if some elements are to much convenience, how to explain them and if I should try a bit harder.

A few years ago, I was in London and some guy hurried up to me and handed me a Vo5 hair gel tub telling me I dropped it, before he vanished in to the crowd. I opened it and it was full of Heroin, I put it on the floor and walked away and thought all day 'what if I have been followed and am attacked for that package'. My book opens with a similar scenario, a guy is killed by unknown assailants who want the package after having being given it and then discarding it (unseen). This is a re-imagining of that but with government secrets on a hard drive.

The next chapter though has the protagonist walking alone early morning in London and happens to come across this small bag and keeps it. This to me seems really convenient, but again it happened to me. I was walking home after a night out and found a bag with a small hard drive in and so kept it thinking it was cool.

It is all based on real things that have happened, but is it cliche that the protagonist happens to stumble across the flash drive which changes his life?

Then there is the act of unlocking it, he happens to know a hacker (yes, I do, who hacks in to peoples stolen things for a living, who helped me unlock the drive – which was filled with some generic files). But in the sense of the book it feels so convenient and cliche and is really getting me in to a stump.

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