I’ve recently started work on a story that follows many characters exploring and trying to survive a new planet and am wondering if this approach would work. Multiple protagonists all with their own goals in mind, but still working together to survive a hostile environment. I am thinking that it is very similar to the TV shows Lost and The Walking Dead, where both follow groups of survivors and alternate between each one, letting the viewer or reader spend time learning and connecting with every character in scenes that focus almost completely on them. My question is, would this work in a novel form? Would the multiple storylines get too confusing and convoluted or would it be a neat tool to use to get to know multiple characters in depth? If anybody has any examples of writers that pull this off well please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Thanks everybody for their responses, it sounds like this is fairly common I guess I just haven’t read enough books. Going to go check out all the great suggestions now.

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