Name: Lord Shaida

AKA's: Ancient Demon King, Dark Lord, The Embodiment of Evil, God of Destruction

Age: >5000 years

Race: Unknown, but many humans see him as a God or a Demon. May develop this more later.

Armament: Two Large Broadswords, a Set of Ancient Plate armor that covers his whole body, Dark-Bronze in Color. Helmet covers his face.

Physical Appearance: Unknown, hidden by his armor, aside from his glowing red eyes that show through his helmet. Stands significantly taller than the average human, around 8 feet.

Personality: I really need to develop this more. The best thing i have so far is his "Warrior's Honor". He openly allows people to challenge him to a one on one battle, even if he knows said challenger is far weaker than him. When he battles someone who is exceptionally strong, he will commend them for their strength, even if he is about to finish him/her off.

Abilities: This would be too long if i went into full detail on his abilities, but i'll list some: Near-Invulnerability. Near-Unlimited Mana. Can wipe out many soldiers with a single sword swipe. Can wield all of the Magic Elements (Fire, Ice, Lightning, etc). Of course, his Magic attacks are far greater in scale than what most mages can do. He can wield the Darkness Element, which is a combination of all Magic elements, but corrupted. The Darkness Element unique to Shaida.

Army: Primarily the Darklings, which are basically physical spawns of Darkness. They very widely in size, shape, power, and abilities. There are also human cults who work to carry out Shaida's will.

Mortality: Immortal, but he can only physically manifest when his power reaches a certain level. Before that point, he maintains an abstract presence, where he can watch over the world, and even influence evil, or weak willed humans into serving him. It is thought that he gains power from human evil and corruption.

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Weakness: Yes, he is a total asspull, but, he has one weakness. The Light Element. The Pure Counterpart to his Darkness Element. While Shaida cant really be killed, the Light Element diminishes his power, and to defeat Shaida, his power must be diminished to a point to where he can no longer physically manifest. You would be essentially banishing him back to the Abstract Plane. However, Light Wielders are incredibly rare.

Lore: In short, Shaida last appeared 5,000 years ago to perform his "Great Cleansing" as he calls it. Shaida nearly succeeded, destroying all of the existing world except for one city, Minireth. Minireth is where he finally met his defeat at the hands of a legendary hero whom i havent named yet, and this hero was a wielder of the Light Element. After defeating the Dark Lord, the Hero knew that Shaida would eventually return, and he also knew how incredibly rare it was for someone to be able to wield Light. Before his death, the ancient Hero forged an engraved sword, and imbued his power into it, which would allow a worthy wielder to use the Light Element. This legendary sword came to be known as Shadowbane. Shadowbane was sealed into a Temple after the Hero's death, and to this day, has been guarded by a large stone Golem.

By present day, The story of Shaida and the Ancient Hero became mainly a myth among humans, usually just told as a scary story. That is, until the Darklings began to appear again. Rumors surfaced of entire villages being overrun by "Strange, Dark Creatures", and the paranoid, or perhaps perceptive, people began spreading word that the Dark Lord is returning, and the End of the World is upon us. Upon learning of all of the recent strange events, the Sage of Eloika Mountain, Percival, decided it was time to find a worthy Hero to retrieve Shadowbane from the ancient temple, and stand against Shaida's impending onslaught. This "Chosen One" just happens to be a young girl, named Brielle, who hails from a small forest Village.

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Welp, here's my long Reddit post for the night. Shaida does need more development, but what do you guys think so far? I appreciate any comments or criticism!

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