I'm working on two different stories. Both are the first installments of series I intend to continue.(yeah, I'm crazy and dumb). I've planned, outlined, wrote, and edited so much I'm honestly tired of them! Going over the same things over and over and over. Having twenty four different Microsoft Word documents because I thought one for each chapter would be a good idea. Then I have to keep trying to find the right one to alter part of the outline or add foreshadowing. Making sure there's continuity, realizing I never added a recurring theme I really wanted and need to go back to several chapters…good grief. I'm almost done with one of my stories, as in I'm down to the last three chapters. I'm excited to finish but holy crap I'm so burned out! And of course this is just the first draft so a revision is definitely in order. The other story doesn't actually have any meat to it yet, I'm still outlining. I really want this to be a series but I'm not even finished with this and I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas.

I love my stories and writing so much. I should probably take a break…but as 'over it' as I feel, I don't really want to stop, even for a week. Writing is a sickness, I tell ya.

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