So I find myself locked in an argument with someone who is arguing that 'fiction doesn't have to make sense' and I'm wondering if anyone else agrees that it's a ridiculous statement?

For a bit of background, I posted something complaining about the plot holes in the new HP movies and how they didn't make sense because they broke the established rules of the world. And this person came into my post really aggressively to tell me I was wrong and fiction doesn't need to make sense and the author is always right.

Now I don't agree with that statement. As an aspiring writer if I break the rules of my own world, I'm not in the right, Once you set rules for a world they sort of have to stay or there needs to be a really good explanation as to why they're broken, right ?

What do you guys think? Is this just me? Is that other person right?

Edit: thank you all for the great answers, although I realise now I worded all this terribly by using someone else's words (my bad!). Really the question should have been is a writer meant to obey the rules they set for this fictional world ore is it acceptable for them to shove stuff in the bin whenever it suits them? I'm of the former opinion in any genre that isn't meant to have rules broken even within the world (like magic realism) but the other person came and called me names because apparently it's wrong to say that a writer broke the inner logic of their world and because they're the writer, they can do no wrong. I was also really angry when I typed this so I probably didn't explain myself very well, apologies!

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