I share a house with my dad and little sister while working a part-time job. It seems like every time I'm at home and I need to spend at least 15 minutes writing a story, I can only type down a couple of paragraphs, at best.

Then I go off and listen to my favorite songs, and they just invoke such powerful feelings and imagery from the deepest parts of my soul and imagination, I just feel like I've got to write or sing, but I can't either because I'm wrapped up in family things at home, am at work, or I have to go to bed or do something else.

Does anyone else get this problem? How do you beat it?

Update: Wow, I really didn't expect this simple Reddit post to blow up like this. I don't really know what to say or respond to, but the biggest two pieces of advice I seem to get from these is:

  1. Self-discipline yourself to do it at the same time and place on a schedule, and treat it like your duty.
  2. Figure out what's distracting you or discouraging you, and either ignore it or eliminate it.

I used to be in an ROTC-like program and got up to Specialist rank, so it really has been bugging me as to why I was so great there, and so undisciplined and productive away from them. I'm almost certain the answer is because in ROTC, I had discipline and motivation provided for me. Outside of it, I have to be my own authority, bring my own discipline, and use my own motivations.

And it's not like I don't have stories in my head that have been burning a hole into my brain for the last four years. I love these stories, and I think they reflect the way I see the world and my values, as well as my imagination, a great deal. Every day I don't write feels like a sin, and it's not like I care or even thoroughly enjoy any of my other trappings anymore.

I don't get deep and meaningful satisfaction from video games anymore (not usually), and I feel guilty and like I'm wasting time playing them unless they're vaguely related to things I care about, like programming, or building, or being strategic and tactical. That's why I always play Trove or Minecraft (laugh if you want), or some RTS game, or this one old programming game I love called COLOBOT.

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I'm honestly sick of watching YouTube videos and have been craving books for awhile now. It's so much more straight forward to go to a library and read books on things than it is to look through hundreds of biased articles and videos on the internet.

And I've grown very skeptical and weary of porn over the last year. I still consume it, but I'm trying to stop. It's not the passion I want in my life, it doesn't fill the void. Plus I have a sneaking suspicion it's affecting my mind in some way or lessening me. Also I had a horrible nightmare about it recently, so it makes me cringe now.

And with this post being one of the exceptions, I've rarely had any good experiences or interactions talking on an internet board. Especially Reddit. I'd rather have face-to-face interactions with people, but where I live, I'm isolated and have no social life, which is only more incentive to write these books.

In reality, it's mostly addiction and comfort. The only distraction that I would truly miss and need to manage, and it's an important one, is my family and my crappy part-time job. The job really isn't much of a distraction, really. I just go, I do it, and I go back. My family, however, can be kind of intrusive sometimes, and it breaks my concentration. I guess that's where the "pushing through" part comes in. Also, for some reason, I always feel like I need to spend time with them.

I'm thinking that what I will do fir the first month, on my days off, I will go to this city nearby, get a gym membership, and spend an hour at the gym, and at first, 20 minutes writing at the library nearby. I will slowly work towards writing for an hour at the library. That way, I have a set place to do my work with no distractions like video games, pornography, YouTube, family, and so on. Then once I'm disciplined-enough and the habit is going, maybe I can work at home.

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But I have to start writing. I feel like I'm nothing but talk and don't have much value at all if I'm not creating something, and that feels much worse than sitting in front of a computer with writer's block. I often find myself talking to people about "that book I'm going to write" in an attempt to share with them and relate, but I always feel like I'm full of shit when I do that. I want to put an end to that feeling. It may be the only way to truly break out of my shell and have better interactions with people and more confidence.

I'll look around on the internet, but any productivity tips are welcomed. I've seen people already post some. I want to get a sketchbook or notebook, and jot down story structure points and ideas and song lyrics throughout the day. I think I need to come up with some sort of concrete system to maximize my productivity. I'll keep reading over the replies.

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