I love writing. I'm not very good but there are few things in this world I enjoy more than writing. Planning, plotting, creating characters that feel real, describing a scene just right, writing bomb ass dialogue. It's the best thing and been an escape as well as a hobby and nowadays, a skill I'm trying to hone.

My favorite thing to read and write is post-apocalyptic. Some people may disagree but I view this as its own genre separate from horror and science fiction. It's a beautiful mixture of the two. Anyway, my problem is that every corner of this market is so oversaturated. Zombie apocalypse stuff is what I live and breathe and I love Not the gore and death so much as the survival and relationships that form between characters in that scenario. I want to eventually turn a certain fanfiction work of mine remade into an original book and hopefully publish it. But obviously zombie stuff has been done to death.

The other project I've been working at on and odd for the past five years is…something else. I don't even know what genre I'd put it in. I call it "slice of life drama/comedy". Definitely as a form of escapism at times. It's (purposely) reminiscent of US 90s sitcoms but novelized. I think my characters and plot and everything are strong and I'm actually good at being funny. So maybe this one isn't overdone. But nothing has really been done the way I want to do this, to my knowledge, which would be to structure it very much like a TV show with the first book being a volume of about 22 separate (but intertwined) 'episodes'.

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My third idea I want to complete one day is a western book. Nothing terribly extraordinary, but either a continuation of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's story with some creative liberties (hey, if someone can turn Abraham Lincoln into a vampire hunter I can do this!) or based on that. Nowadays western without romance as a main plot is next to nonexistent so…yikes.

Final one is a romance. I'm not into this genre or romance stuff whatsoever, but it's a story I came up with that I want to flesh out and tell. Set in the 40s, just after WW2. The struggles of a young man just returned from war with (what they didn't diagnosis back then) PTSD, a young African American woman, and the hurdles they face both separately and as they fall in love. I love the idea but it already sounds cheesy now that I've typed it out.


As you may be able to tell I'm happy to be a genre jumper lol. My goal for myself as a writer is to make people feel. Whether they feel entertained, sad, angry, happy, amused, whatever. I want to elicit emotion and have people love my writing. I just don't think I'll ever get there because I don't have the talent or skill to make anything work. Don't get me wrong, I fully admit I primarily write for myself. I believe people should write whatever they want because there is definitely someone out there who will read it and enjoy it. The thing is I want to have hope that more than one person will ever read my work.

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