For the past three or four years I've been building a world with the intentions of writing a book with it. Currently, I have more than enough to write with but I've been struggling with where to place it, how to show of some of the lore, my magic system etc. But here is the plot I've come up with:

Long ago, the Elves nearly took over the world and genocided a race to extinction. (Think Nazi Germany) and without a previous event like that, they didn't know how to deal with it properly and were very harsh on the Elves. They made them all leave their home, and to keep the Elven bloodline from staying "superior" they made the Elves dilute their bloodline with other races. Currently there is no pure blooded elf out there, they're all half-elves. The main character of my story is a Half-Elf. And everyone hates them. They do mean acts to them (drawing back to Nazi Germany, it's like how Jews were treated) and so he is incredibly cold to everyone. The Half elf, Rylariel is a mercenary, but no one really hires him and so he is forced to be a really cheap mercenary. Until one day a college student/mage doing an expedition hires him. Her name is Evalia, and she is doing a study on a lost Elven temple, which worshipped these evil gods called Abyssals. She hires him, not caring that he is an Elf. And they go out to find this temple. They eventually find this temple and they find some disturbing texts and pictures on the temple walls, talking about bringing on Armageddon, an Abyssal from the deepest pits of the Abyss. Realizing that the world is at stake, they realize they have to do something. They find out that there are four other Abyssals who are bringing the rise of Armageddon, and each Abyssal has a cult. However the most major Abyssal has really the only cult that can do anything, the other ones are really minor and are just puppets of the big cult.

Realizing that the two of them can't do anything, because there is only one of them has any fighting experience, they need to hire more people. But they also can't do that because they don't have anywhere near enough money. And so they have to find people who are willing to help them. Here is the list of characters they find.

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Kenaya Laursen (Uropian)-When the find her, she is a farmhand working for her step parents, except she has a secret. She is one of the last members of the Dragonriders. An infamous/famous group of people who well, ride dragons. The reason she is hiding this fact is because the town she is in was terrorized by Dragonriders and they would definitely lynch her if they found out. So in order to keep her secret safe, and to get away from her cruel step-parents, she ditches the farm and joins the two of them.

Itzam-Yexoc Auhlotc (Gilsac)-In Vasalem, the homeland of the Gilsac, a resistance movement/terrorist group has some major influence. They are called The Eels and are led by a guy known as "The Eel" This guy was a commander in that group before they were ambushed by the Vasalem government and the cult, who worked together to trick them. He was captured and tortured until he escaped and fled to this nearby town. Currently scarred, broken and a little angry, when Rylariel and Evalia offer him a purpose, he accepts. Hoping this bring him recognition and catch the eye of The Eel.

Korichar Genkete (Shadow Chirupt)-Rylariel has had many assassins sent after him, most of them with a semi-degree of skill. But this guy right here is the shittiest off all of them. When he catches him trying to thrust a knife in his back, he sees nothing but fear, and a broken young boy forced to kill to make money. He doesn't kill him, because he sees some use for him. He tells him to leave his job as an assassin and join him. Now Korichar doesn't exactly have a choice, because his target currently has him by the wrist, with his Korichars knife in the other. Stricken with fear, he joins them.

Bataar Choban (Chirupt)-Rylariel and his friends watch an intense mage battle rage on the outskirts of town. The rest of them sees he has wants to recruit one of them, presumably the victor. However when the dust settles and the victor begins to walk away with smiles and cheers, he walks to the loser. Bataar Choban. He helps him up off the ground and gives him an offer to seek some glory. Humiliated, and without anything to do, he accepts.

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Here is where I have a little room to work with. I'm planning on having them getting some info on this cult they're hunting down, before they go to confront them. At the end, Evalia (the one who hired Rylariel in the first place) gets captured at the cults main fortress and Rylariel goes to save her. Eventually he stands at the top of the fortress, the entire cult standing below him. And the leader of the cult and the entire operation to summon Armageddon with a knife at his throat. He tells him to release Evalia and he will release they're leader. Through some convincing, he manages to get them to let her go. Obviously they won't let him go, so he watches until she gets back to their group then lets the rest of the cult to top of the fortress. They're he slices the cult leaders throat and faces them onslaught of the cult. He manages to take out quite of few of them before they take him down. And I'm not sure what I'm going to do at the end, if maybe the rest of the group plots revenge and I let it go for a sequel, or if they all split up and never see each other again.

Feedback and ideas would be much appreciated.

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