I'm currently writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel. The world needs a good deal of context and I don't feel like writing it into background action, narrative, and dialogue. It's not the format/feel/prose I am going for, and frankly difficult for me.

I had the idea to include excerpts from historical texts at the start of chapters. Nothing intense, one to two pages of an average 15-16 pages per chapter at most that slowly add context to the world and the story itself. The "historical" texts can have the effect of readers making connections between what they are learning from the history of the world, to the characters actions and choices.

My concern is that the back and forth between narrative and "expository" text will come across disjointed and negatively impact the flow of the story.

What do you think? Will it work if done correctly? Should I just bite the bullet get comfortable including the larger context of the world within my narrative?

Source: reddit post

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