I want to use MultiMarkDown for documenting a project mainly because it has a nice File Transclusion feature. Basically you can write your markdown file in peaces and then include / import them in your main document with double curly brackets {{ ... }}:


However the editors I usually use (Typora, vscode …) do not render this syntax properly. I searched for the other available options compatible with MultiMarkDown, Haroopad and GhostWriter came up on the search results. Unfortunately none of those renders this syntax for "File Transclusion". So here my questions:

  • Are there any Free and Open Source (FOSS) MarkDown editors with WYSIWYG (e.g. Typora) or split screen live preview (e.g. Qilin Editor) which is able to render this syntax properly?
  • Are there any other common syntax in any flavors of MarkDown or other live preview capable Markup languages (AsciiDoc, reStructuredText (RST), Rmarkdown, MathML) to include import files? Having live preview is important otherwise TeX/LaTeX would do the job. I don't want to keep compiling my code to see the final result. Also the possibility to fold / collaps parts of the document and comment things out would be nice. For example see what I have done here to mix C type code with MarkDown / HTML.
    • Are there any other solutions to merge / import / include MarkDown files using HTML/CSS/JS? I have also asked this question here on StackOverflow with more details.

I would appreciate if you could help me with these questions. Thanks for your help in advance.

P.S. I opened a new issue here on MultiMarkDown github repo for this question. I also asked the Haroopad guys here. I opened a new issue here on GhostWriter's GitHub repo.

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