Hi! I’ve been writing for a while, since about middle school (that’s like seven years now, but was it really writing, to be honest?) and I used to be a full blown pantser. Crank out stories faster than I could think of them, which is also amazing since I’m an idea hoarder. But, I’ve had a novel idea that I’ve actually sat down and planned for the past two years, I think going on three now. I’ve been world building, expanding the lore, the characters, the magic system, and the plot for quite some time now.

However, every time I sit down to actually write, I always have trouble. I can see it so brilliantly in my head, but I worry that the progression will be either too boring, too long, or I won’t even make it that far. I’ve put so much thought and explaining the idea itself is an even greater feat. I once talked to a friend and explained it to her. (All she reads is biographies about supermodels so it was hard to gauge an opinion) I timed it and it took about thirty minutes. I have no idea how I’m even going to write this out, hold reader’s attention, and have the message come across the way I’d like it to. It’s very much an epic fantasy with undercurrents of Greek/Nordic mythology and biblical analogies.

It’s supposed to span over several books, which should make it easier to start with the beginning, the first book. I know exactly how everything ends and the direction, it’s just starting out. I even made a google spread sheet with 100 scenes for the first book to make it as easy as possible. I feel like either it’s just the novel isn’t supposed to happen or I’m worrying too much about readers or tying everything together.

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Any tips on how to overcome this? I feel like I’ve done everything and more to make this easy but I end up staring at a blank screen. If you need more information, I’ll gladly share it.

I’m still getting used to reddit and how subreddits work in general, so I apologize in advance if this isn’t the best formats.

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