I've been writing my entire life, but in September of 2009 I got the idea for my book (which I recently completed). The protagonist of which is a redheaded thief named Mel. She has a troubled and traumatic past, and she deals with her psychological issues by punching out those that cross her and pickpocketing those that look down on her. She's my personal baby and I love everything about her. Lately, I've been talking with my friend, G, who is also a writer/comic artist. She revealed to me HER character – a redheaded thief named Nobody. She also has a traumatic and troubled past, and resorts to stabbing and stealing her way through life and her enemies. We also realized today that they're both very short in height. We thought this was awfully strange, and we started wondering if anyone ELSE in the world had similar characters. So here I am, posting a silly post in an effort to search for fellow writers and their ginger thieves. I know there are many familiar tropes that make up our two characters. I wanted to see if they came together anywhere else. I'd also love to hear about the characters' backstories and arcs. What did YOU give your ginger thief to do?

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