"I don't toy with my enemies. I kill them, that is how its done, if you are in my sights…you're already dead"

Gladios is the main character in my story. A human like monster with 800 years of experience and intellect, along with strenght and agility suprassing any human's. He strikes fear into every heart.

He wears a black and red hooded cloak, his face is obscured by the hood so only his blood red eyes shine out. Below that, his inky black skin and white hair, along with his sharp toothed grin, makes him a nightmare to behold. His main weapon, the sword Blood-Lust, is always nearby and at the ready to draw blood from its masters enemies.

Gladios was born from a phyric victory (a victory where the winner is hurt so badly during the fight they wonder if it was a victory at all). As a human, his monster hunting lead him to the biggest challenge of all, The creator Searian. After a long battle, the human finally managed to get the killing blow, but the monsters blood corrupted him, changing him into what he fought his whole life.

When the corruption was complete. Gladios was ready for his mission. To wipe out everyone he called a friend when he was human. This mission lasted for years. As his friends had children, and their descendants grew, Gladios swore to eliminate them all.

800 years later, he was nearly done, all of his friends decendants were slain, except one, the descendent of his own human bloodline.

The main character.

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So thats the main character, a human corrupted by a powerful monster, sent on a rampage against those he once called friends. Hope you enjoyed. I would be happy to awnser any questions you have.


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