From the essence of the grand void which preceded time arose the spirit of the diety, named Valkum, in the language of the supernal. It was he who was almighty, his thought and word capable of great creation, and great disaster. The first declaration of the Universe, and that which brought its existence, was by Valkum himself. The translation of Valkum’s declaration reads as follows: “Though I shall be known by many a name, each will henceforth be a reverence to my divinity, yet I will first be known as Valkum, the First King.”

Valkum ruled the Universe as it sat timelessly while he learned and understood, and when he at last knew all there was to know, a loneliness came over him as he sat in the dark silence of the void before him. He declared again, “Incomplete is a spirit in solitude, for even omniscience is unfulfilling when void of company.” Valkum manifested his wish for companionship into Naleth, the Second Spirit in the language of the supernal. No longer in solitude was he, and he proclaimed Naleth his Queen, and entrusted her with his dominion, and he was happy. He bestowed knowledge upon her, and made known that she shall rule in his absence.

Naleth announced to Valkum that unbearable was the darkness of the Universe before them, and such beings as them were deserving of a light, and Valkum conceded. It was thus that Valkum and Naleth created the First Light, which illuminated the Universe, its radiance of timeless beauty and wonder, filled with the mutual love and amazement between Valkum and Naleth. They reveled, and their joy pervaded the Universe, and all was right. In Valkum’s thought, and by a mark forever left on the Universe by such an event, the First Light was ever preserved.

Then Valkum bore from thought the Lords of the Ferandir, Order of Divine – of which there were ten – the divine and supernal spirits, which were embodiments of Valkum’s omnipotent and omniscient comprehensions, thus their thoughts were orderly with his. “I bear you as my kin,” said Valkum to the Ferandir, “and as such we are congruous, for I seek for our domain harmony and balance; but I cannot grant you my full knowledge, for I foresee an inevitable darkness in a mixture of omniscience and greed, of which you are not void. Almighty, though, are you, and you shall be complete in spirit, and shan’t live in absence of company.” Then Valkum granted a Lady to each Lord of the Ferandir, and thus the order was of twenty-two: ten Ladies, ten Lords, and Naleth and Valkum as the rightful Queen and King, and all was right.

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For eras immeasurable Valkum and the members of the Ferandir bonded, and he learned them in his vision of the World, and as creations of him who had witnessed thus far his greatness and majesty, they shared for the World his enthusiasm. Yet as perfect a being as he was, Valkum was not immune to doubt, nor was everything he created without flaw. As the Ferandir was of his thought, they too were sentient like Valkum, and they too were susceptible to fear and doubt. For it was, though, in Valkum confidence they had, one such member of the Ferandir felt out of touch with his idea, and envied his almighty rule.

As the order grew, Valkum observed many differences in the members of the order, but found that each was beautiful in their own way, and was satisfied. He knew that creation shan’t be ever pristine, and that though it was in order where there can be found peace, differences too were of importance. He and all of the Ferandir grew in admiration of one another, and he became close with each on a level more personal than broad, and in high esteem he held many, including Lord Ithil for his courage and heroism, and Lady Phera for her purity, generosity, and devoutly nature; though in high esteem he also held Lady Thesela and her Lord Wraithar, the latter of which was brotherly with Lord Ithil for many era, until Lord Wraithar distanced from the Ferandir, through his envy of Valkum.

Valkum congregated the Ferandir on the day during which they were to bring to reality their vision. A great fire was sparked and from it was forged the blocks of the world, for they used it as their tool of creation, and when they had forged, they then built, stacking every mountain, digging every crevice, filling the seas with water, and the land with life, and a beautiful day it was.

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It was thus unforeseen when Lord Wraithar came unto them, as he had preserved their fire, and used it for destruction upon Valkum’s new world. Lord Wraithar had long sought to overthrow him, and had long been growing in power for such the task. It was this which sparked the first Great War between good and evil, between Valkum’s desired order, and Wraithar’s desired chaos. But overconfident was Wraithar, for directly before his attack, the Ferandir were warned by Thesela, Lady of Wraithar of his imminent threat, and they had prepared themselves.. His attack was very much unsuccessful, and the Ferandir removed him of his Lordship, and cast him, weak, into the darkest and barren most reaches of the world. It was then on that Thesela would be known as the Lonely Lady.

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