My friend is my go-to beta-reader and since I started writing, he has been in constant disagreement with how I manage slice-of-life in my story.

How am I writing it? My story is first of all, arc structured, meaning that many sub-plots can be barely relevant to the main plot but important in character development. He has no problem here so far but we enter in arguement when I tell him how much slice-of-life I plan to add, i.e: entire chapters or even arcs with rather mundane and irrelevant things. Some to add depth, fill time, or simply for some shenanigans.

My 'philosophy' when writing SoL can be sort of related to the show Seinfeld, where there is the joke that the show "is about nothing". The comedic parts I want to put have little to no impact on the main plot, but I want to put them in to have fun not only for myself, but my characters. They are people that also like to have fun. And even if they can be pointless, you can also know how a character is from their normal behaviour. We as normal people do it all the time. E.g: A character talks about how picky he is about food and he constantly orders sweet stuff can be indicator of him being a bit childish. Or a character likes to be the captain when playing sports showing a degree of confidence or even arrogance. Knowing this might or might not be important in the long-run but it adds personality to the characters.

To quote myself in what I said: "I see no need to make everything so related to the plot. We never talk of our goals in life in a regular conversation, you talk of food, things you don't like, talk behind others' back, etc. and when serious stuff comes you just try to wing it. We have never been in a war or had a mental breakdown to know ourselves so why should they? My characters are still regular people, I don't see harm in adding 'regular' dialogue. Even they deserve to whine about their food or hobbies."

Read:  I'm writing something with a black character, and I need to know if this is ok.

What's his opinion? He tells me that I exagerrate with this. He doesn't like seeing that I spent several pages on rather pointless conversations that have little to no impact in the story. Examples: characters accusing each other of being heathens due to what they out in their burgers, making the characters play volleyball, have the shy character of the cast try to make new friends (he doesn't really like the rest of the cast), getting wasted on a bar, heck not even my villains fall out of the equation. I plan to write a chapter where the grunts of the antagonist faction break their ping-pong table and they are out of entertainment in their headquarters, proceeding to make a dumbass competition on what to add to their HQ as it is boring as hell.

He thinks all of this should be forgotten and it will be more of a hassle to the general public that I jump from serious plotlines to dumb SoL. I still don't really want to give up, I have read/watched a share of stories that manage to be lighthearted and serious at the same time and I wish to achieve the same satisfactory result.

This can be just a matter of different tastes, who knows? This is why I'm here asking for opinion on this.

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