So, most of my book is in 3rd person limited, with a few chapters that float 3rd person omniscient solely due to the events unfolding in said chapters. (I have many POV characters)

I am struggling with one chapter in particular though. I have 3 total chapters that switch POV within the chapter. Two of which have one change each, it feels right for the story. One, however, has four POV characters involved. Let me break it down to see if anyone can give me some ideas.

The chapter is only 4,400 words (one of the shorter chapters.)

Tim, Joe, Beth, and John are in the scene.

Tim starts the scene, having slain a general and absorbed his dark energy. Beth confronts Tim and battles him, nearly dying before Joe knocks Tim out. Joe relieves Beth of duty to recover. Joe then confronts John, who has been hiding the secret of the dark energy. John placates Joe, sending him on his way, then remains in POV finishes the scene by battling dark energy Tim.

I am honestly stuck on how to break this down any better than switching POV so many times. And as for giving separate chapters, that would leave me with four chapters approximately 1,000 words each that form the same scene. All four are important characters, but Tim loses his protagonist status, thus his POV when he is possessed, so doing the entire chapter from his POV wouldn't make sense. Beth is important, but not until the next book in the series, this is her introduction before she falls to a support character. Joe is one of the three main characters of the entire series, so his part is important for many reasons, but he only just arrives on the scene. John is much like Beth, important only in the way of intro at the time.

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