I'm in the midst of finishing the first draft of my WIP and have difficulties pinpointing the genre aside from knowing it falls between young adult and new adult…. Quick summary with spoilers:

A college freshman girl gets in a car accident and loses the ability to sleep or get injured. (So obviously, that alone sets me on either a fantasy or science fiction track, I think?) She then gets a mysterious letter from mom, even though her mom died from a drug overdose 18 years ago. The letter speaks of a secret with ill intentions, and warns the girl to stay out of the conflict so that she doesn't end up with the same fate as her mother.

A major subplot after the girl chooses to do nothing about her "abilities" and the mystery letter is how she enters into a high-profile romance with a professional athlete in the spirit of your typical "average girl falls in love with handsome, famous, rich dude" sort of plot. (Please, no judging HAHA.)

Then a terrorist attack strikes the community, and one of the girl's friends is framed as the perpetrator. The girl suspects that the secret society her mom warned her of is behind the attack, and starts digging. (So at this point, I'm getting the sense its more of a suspense sort of novel…)

Eventually, the girl uncovers that the secret society is comprised of the must affluent members of the community, such as politicians, doctors, scientists, and other prominent members, and that if somebody deflects, the society not only kills them, but slanders their name and reputation in the process. She also finds out that her pro athlete boyfriend is a member of the society, but he's part of a group of deflectors set on protecting her from the society.

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The girl figures out that the society is after her because of her extremely rare rh-null blood (which, in the real world, rh-null blood exists). When the rh-null blood is mixed with a fictional substance, it turns the person into a sleepless/uninjurable superhuman. (So back to the science fiction maybe?) She finds out the organization's true goal is to unleash an army of mythical zombie-like creatures detailed in Native American legends, and that only her blood can kill the creatures. (Science fiction again once I basically just created a new form of monster? Or is this more urban fantasy seeing as the monsters are a pretty minor plot point, per say…?)

Thank you in advance!

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