I have a cousin thats writing a very long and very intricate story, but the world inspiration she got was from mostly a videogame, and thus with a few name changes and personality tweaks, a lot of the characters could be re-written into original characters. This matters because she doesn't know if she wants to write it as fanfiction or as an independent personal story thingie of hers. The transition won't be much of a problem since she's still writing the draft, but before she starts writing the actual thing she wants to decide, but she can't. One of the main cons i heard from her about fanfiction is simply its reputation and the fanfiction community. I dont know much of what she's talking about but the gist i got from it is that basically, fanfiction is kind of cringy for the most part so she would feel ashamed to be assosiated with a lot of it, and that the fanfiction community has a pretty bad audience both criticism-wise and writing skill wise. What do you guys think of fanfiction or fanfiction.net? I dont know much about it at all but i can see where shes coming from when she says there are a lot of cons. (To anyone wondering for the pros, is that fanfiction community is the only place she can think of that she can put her story on for people to read and give a bit of feedback to her.)

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