I recently got some feedback for my writing in my group. they basically told me that I have a problem with writing female characters, I tend to sexualize them when describing their physical appearance. It is something I have never been aware of till today. How do I correct this?

Here are some examples from my writing:


It was so easy, a little of lipstick, a tight shirt, and they'd be wanting to have her on their laps. She'd work the night like that. Tired soldiers made quick work of their mouths just so they could have her around.


He met her at a bar. With his head down in a drink. He was a spy who was sent to steal something from some people, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t at least have fun. He wore an old soldier’s uniform, like everyone on Seggin did; a soldier’s planet, easy to blend into. So about this girl, she was rather tall, strong looking, wearing a short skirt, showing a portion of pale leg.


I turned just as she said hello. What caught my eyes was a real beauty; slim hipped with short black hair that framed her face like a portrait and lips that curved gracefully into a smile.

I know I'm the next Hemingway. That aside how can I avoid sexualizing them.

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