Hello there.

I'm writing a fiction novel. There are quite a few things in this novel that I'm not familiar with, nor do I have first hand experience in. Like having a decent life, for example.

Okay. Bad jokes aside. One major thing I'm struggling with, is a Romance Subplot between the Main characters. I just chickened out of the problem and decided to write a tragedy there, where the characters like each other, but one of them dies without them ever telling that to each other.

Now, I'm feeling a little daring and maybe want to have them date for a while near the end of the story, but I have no idea how to write that.

But that is about a book and half later. A more immediate scene I'm struggling with is how too much physical exercise leads to Exhaustion. I'm the kinda guy who just stops when my body gives up. My character pushed himself beyond that limit, and has a serious case of exhaustion. Normally, stories just tell "He passed out with exhaustion" but I don't think it captures the situation as well, and I want to be more descriptive of the problem

Or something else I'm having a problem is parental influence. How they would react to their kids doing something. I'm no parent. (Just a teenager, yo).

How do you write these kind of scenes believably?

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