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The lands of Demesne, Wildland, Sharistan, the Orient and Gorvil, all on the continent of Phantasie, are being contested over by the High State of Empyrean of the Heavens and The Bureaucracy of Nether of the Underworld. Dark Lords are sprouting up everywhere, being randomly selected by the demons that fly from the mouth of hell and so for 47 years past a hero has been randomly selected from a village in the hills, more often than not some strangely handsome farm boy who had some low key job sweeping the floor or tending the pigs. The fighting has also brought magic, both arcane, divine and demonic to a standstill, and the other races are dying because of it.

A half-elf, Tom Torgywyn, has been brought up an atheist, has comes out of hiding as an fairground attraction (The Boy with Pointed Ears!) from the Angels who have followed him, Dick, or Richart, and Harry, or Harriel, for using common sense while at mass, yet now they come to him for a different reason: he has been chosen to fight a new Dark Lord, known only as One. He is accompanied by a gentleman orc who uses illusions, Sir Grok of Vale, a female dwarf named Robelwyn with dyspraxia who dreams of singing and an Frogperson rogue called Clive, who always seems to be wet. Together they will travel to Gorvil and find the Dark Lord and slay him.

Yet there are those who conspire against them, worse than both the Heavens and the Underworld, known as the Old Ones, who resemble at present a, who have a Shape Shifting Servant (the SSS) named Sahope. The Old Ones aim to flood the world so that the impregnable earth under which they lay will soften and they will break free to lay waste to the world. Sahope is accompanied by a Gnome who thinks left is right and so on and several Molemen, both of whom he has utter contempt for.

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