I've only really been focused on world building and character creating. This is supposed to be story's prologue and it is my first attempt writing anything to do with dialogue. Mainly wanted to know how it was and what I would need to work on.

Didn't think his highness even knew who I was! Guess I'm making a bit of a name for myself, hm?", said Yarrow, proudly. "You are only here because you are disposable. Nothing more nothing less.", the King's guard flatly replied. "As if a man of my skills would die so easily!", Yarrow exclaimed; holding in his laughter. "Seems like I was the only one ballsy enough to show up.", mumbled Yarrow as he surveyed the room. "Zaros, your highness.", the guard said kneeling before him. "I have brought the asset you've requested." Laying eyes on the ivory-colored throne; Yarrow's face turned to disappointment. Seeing a lavish, smooth-faced man who couldn't be over twenty-five; he doubted he had ever seen combat. "Well, well…if it isn't Yarrow, the Lord of Winter. You look nothing like any wizard I've ever seen", said King Zaros, amused and intrigued by Yarrow's fur armor and rugged appearance. "And you're a bit more…feeble than I imagined you", said Yarrow, clearly uneased by the king's sunny demeanor. Ignoring Yarrow's remark; the king quickly rose from his chair, "Let's discuss the matter at hand shall we?", King Zaros continued. Feeling a piercing gaze, Yarrow quickly looked over to see another man approaching him. A tall, brown-skinned man with hair like that of a sheep, he looked even younger than the king did. Stone-faced, unwavering, and stiff as a board; he was the complete opposite of his highness. "Magas.", the man said coolly. "Pardon?", asked Yarrow, no longer smiling. "My name is Magas. I will be working alongside you.", he said. A soft-spoken man, it was unclear whether Magas was frigid, shy, or just dead inside; regardless, Yarrow couldn't help but feel uncomfortable as Magas stood next to him. "Ivor, the Wizard Eater"; the king interrupted. "He has become a growing menace around this country. At this point, his bounty is going to pierce the heavens themselves.", said King Zaros as he paced back and forth. "And you want us to ensure that doesn't happen?", asked Yarrow. "Honestly money means nothing to me in this case. However, Ivor has become a bit of a bother as of lately," said King Zaros; no longer having the same sunny demeanor as before. "To surpass my status and reputation? Ridiculous! Only a God could hope to surpass a king.", Zaros continued angrily. "He has established himself as worthy of my hatred. You, the northerner, shall be the vessel of my wrath.", said King Zaros; regaining his composure. "Last seen headed south towards the Land of Summer; you and Magas shall head there immediately.", Zaros continued. "The Wizard Eater is all that matters; you may deal with any that get in your way as you see fit.", said Zaros cheerful once again. "Magas.", said King Zaros, disregarding Yarrow. "Consider the return to your homeland as your first trial. A land full of those you wished to hide away from will test both your strength and resolve, do not do anything reckless.", said King Zaros sternly. "You've trained under me for five years now. I expect nothing but success on your end.", Zaros said as he sat back down. "As it shall be my lord, said Magas, bowing his head. "Well then, shall we get a move on?", asked Yarrow excitedly. Been waiting to see something besides grass and pine trees. The desert will be one hell of a destination.", Yarrow continued as he and Magas strolled out of the throne room.

Read:  I threw this short story together earlier, tell me what you think.

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