To give some context, I'm writing a story (planning to make it a series) set several hundred years into the future and follows several protagonists:

  • Story A (the primary story) centers on the Capital City of a dystopian nation called the Dominion of America (placeholder name for now) and the surrounding states under it in present day North America. It follows a young Senator of one of these states who's running to be President against the incumbent who's a veteran politician. It also follows a young man who just moved to the Capital after being accepted into its most prestigious university, and a fellow student who gets him involved in an underground hacker movement that call themselves PATRI0T as they fight against the corruption and political scheming of those in power.
  • Story B focuses on a war hero hiding in exile on Mars, and her journey in returning home to Earth to exact justice against the corrupt leaders who disgraced her and rule over the nations of Earth and the Martian colonies with an iron fist.
  • Story C centers around a group of friends in one of the outlying towns of the Dominion's territory, who while out exploring a forbidden ruin come across an antagonistic group who's goals have global ramifications, and their quest to stop them as they follow them across the world.

Story C is the "adventure" arc I've had trouble with. For most of the series the main group of this arc is on their own and is entirely separate from Story A and B, traveling to different cities/towns as they follow a group of mercenaries who's end goal would mean certain danger for everyone on Earth. The events of the other 2 stories inadvertently have butterfly effects during the course of their journey (for example the increase in terrorist activities in the Capital city during the course of Story A could force martial law/crackdown on wanted criminals in a town that the group in Story C is passing through and directly affects them).

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I hate to make comparisons but I guess what I'm going for is similar to LOTR. In that while Frodo's journey is a totally separate arc from the main events of the trilogy, they also indirectly affect the journey he takes in getting to Mount Doom.

I'm trying to avoid making their journey repetitive but I'm not sure what's the best way to go about it. Especially because they'll run into the antagonistic gang they've been tracking a few times, and I'm worried it'll seem comical when it seemingly turns into a stalemate for awhile before either they or some of the group dies.

If more context is needed id be happy to explain, just looking for some pointers since the other two stories are definitely more of a cyberpunk/political thriller kind of vibe and this arc is definitely meant to be more of a quest.

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