I've recently successfully completed my first novel draft. By 'successful' I mean I have reached an adequate word limit (90,000) and told a story from start to finish.

When I finished it I felt extremely pleased with the accomplishment, having spent seven months writing it and having previously tried to write a novel draft on several occasions and failed early on.

However, now that I am reading it back I can't get over how much worse it is than I had thought when I was writing it. I still like the central concept and the story still has the potential to be interesting enough (I think), but it seems very badly written. The main issues are: too much internal monologue not relating to external events; significant events hurried through too quickly; too little dialogue/ interaction between characters.

My question is: do I carry on and make drastic changes, in the knowledge that it might not improve, or do I take what I have learnt from this experience and begin a draft of a different novel, trying to apply what I have learnt from this?

Anyone's experiences with first full drafts would be appreciated!

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