I’m planning on writing a video game (typical visual novel. A mystery game with an ensemble cast, everybody has their own secrets/backstory that ties into the plot. There will be choices and branching story routes). I have a first draft done and it actually came out better than I thought, which is nice.

After getting some feedback I definitely know parts of the story that don’t work and will need to be cut. It’s also possible I may need to add a character or two, or remove another. The main thing I’m happy about is that there are a lot of elements that I will for sure keep.

I have two major problems atm:

1) I wrote the story with as omniscient a narrator as possible. There is no protagonist, but there’s going to need to be one in the final version. It’s difficult since this is a mystery game and every character has a piece of it. Ideally the protagonist knows as little as possible but I’m not sure.

Ironically one of the villains seems to fit this role really well but it might be a bad idea since villains usually work better as supporting characters. There’s also a child character who could work in this role but I’m not sure if it’s fun to play as a child given how little agency they can have in the plot.

2) It’s hard to consider some parts I’m translating into a game. One idea I had was that the choice the player makes would be which of the 9 characters they play as but that seems a little unnecessary, though it could be a cool gimmick.

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I realize this question is vague and hard to answer without knowing story details. I can elaborate where necessary, but I’m mostly looking for general advice. I know a lot needs to change but at the same time my mind is also “stuck” in a lot of the original elements of the story. I am willing to start from a clean slate but it’s hard to get my mindset to that perspective.

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