So I’m writing a piece where a creature is capable of telepathically talking to a human. The human is not telepathic, but the creature can read his mind as his reply. Would you use quotation marks for the telepathic speech? Italics? It’s pretty clear that the creature only ever speaks telepathically but the human does have a brief conversation out loud with his friend , another human. It is quite integral to the plot that the human friend does not hear the full conversation between the first human and the creature. There is also a piece in the same chapter where the first human is thinking and the creature interrupts his thoughts eg. We couldn’t out run it — I am too fast I would catch you in a second — and judging by the scars on its flanks we could not overpower it —I have taken down quarry thrice my size . This is a simplified version , are m dashes okay to use? New lines for every new speaker? Quotation marks?

Help please people of reddit TIA!

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