For background, I would put myself somewhere between "interested in writing" and "novice writer" on the scale of production levels. I've written three complete short stories of questionable quality, and made complex and complete outlines (the kind that could basically be read like a story, an ordered sequence of all critical events, dialogue, background, everything but the raw words basically) for at least four different novel length works, including several layers of major revision.

However, almost all of that writing and planning was done over the span of a mere three weeks. At some point during the summer I saw a drawing while listening to a song that clicked, an idea formed, and from that moment I opened my laptop and was producing at an insane rate pretty much non-stop for the rest of the month. I came up with idea after idea, improvement after improvement, it was like living a dream. After school started again though, my momentum stopped flat and I haven't been able to convince myself to spend longer than a few minutes writing on random days since then despite having more than an hour of free time per day that I could devote to writing.

I've been watching this subreddit for a while now, trying to get some kind of idea on how to start myself moving again. The primary advice everybody always seems to have is to write nearly every day, and build discipline so it becomes standard.

However, I have two problems with this basic concept. The first is that having experienced extreme productive levels, I have a fear that work produced through discipline alone wouldn't hold the same soul and power as work produced in the spree of the creative moment. I have no intent of publishing stories, at least not anytime soon, so I'm not in a time crunch to produce work aside from assuring that it does eventually at least get done. How exactly do you make sure that your daily writing isn't pointless or significantly inferior to high inspiration writing?

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The second is that I can't even get myself started on this discipline schedule. Its like trying to make a tool, except you need that tool in order to make another one. How does one grow discipline without having it in the first place? Did all of you really just pop open a document one day, hammer out 30 minutes of mediocre random words, then just stick to it with no other impetus and never regress? Or is there something in particular which helped you get started in the first place?

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