Would love advice if you have it but this post is likely gonna sound more of like a rant fyi.

My problem is with my WIP I can never seem to write my way more than like six chapters in. At this point I usually realize that there is some fundamental issue with my world or my plot and everything sort of cascades into me falling out of love my story's current form. It feels like sometimes no matter how much I outline or worldbuild I never have enough to get me into the second act.

It's not like the events in the beginning really seem to change very much. For example, my one character always starts the story out with a mundane life she feels she should be happier in, she always meets the protagonist who has recently acquired magical powers who is on the run looking for his lost love, she always agrees to help as she is eager to find meaning in her life, they always make a plan to visit the first character's brother who can offer protection, and they always manage to escape town and evade detection from law but not the prime villain interested in the prophecy he saw the protagonist participating in. But past this, things just kind of fall apart.

I just feel like I'm getting sick of writing these events over and over with slight changes here and there and the whole process is starting to feel futile, like the complete story will never come to fruition. This is just where my state of mind is.

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