Hi! I’m a pretty amateur but great writer and am looking at it seriously as a potential professional path. My only issue is I can never seem to keep the thought process going with stories. I either end up finding that they’re too derivative of an existing work or that they’re just not interesting enough to pursue. I’ve come up with some great concepts but end up writing a few chapters and pooping out on them 🙁

Examples: • A young teenager goes missing in a small town in Maine, but things become more supernatural and evil as the story progresses. Think Twin Peaks + IT • Space opera about a bounty hunter who takes up his guns to hunt down one last mark. Sounds generic sure, but it’s very hard sci-fi with vivid imagery. • Women are disappearing in a city and one detective is trying to put together the pieces in between shots of whiskey. A shadow organization is making them into essentially human dolls.

All of these are good concepts, but I can never really follow through. In the case of the first one, named “Going Home”, it really gets on my nerves. I’ve tried outlining and that doesn’t help either.

TL:DR – I love to write, but I can’t write the type of narratives I really like without losing interest. Help!

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