This is my first post on this subreddit, and I kinda want to break out fully with the problem I have.

So, I've been writing in high school a lot, few short stories here and there, just some doodles, but damn I read a lot of books back then. It was huge depiction of genres, writers like Raymond E. Feist, Murakami, Orwell, Stanislav Lem, Lovecraft, Kazuo Ishiguro, even Dostoyevski, Tolstoi, and some other classic writers. I was wondering between a lot of genres, writing styles and some of them I loved, and some I did not.

After high school, I kinda got into Dungeons & Dragons, I was more into absurd or some down-to-the-ground type of writing until then, but it was my first step into the fantasy waters, since I wanted to be Dungeon Master obviously, and found myself before a task that was worldbuilding in general and just making my own universe. That lasted for a few months, scribblings, stories with players, and it was fun. I had legit fun in a while, and liked it a lot. It wasn't anything original or so, but it was fun. After that I sat and decided to write something with more mind put into it, focusing deeper and for the first time planning general thread of the story fully ahead to the details. I wrote something like 2 or 3 thousand words, and just stopped. It wasn't much good, nor bad by some people who read it, but more like… it seemed like I was testing my writing to some. After that… well, it's been 2 years.

So that was a quick run of my story, but that's just to give you some background. I've always, even then had big breaks when I was writing. Mostly due to lazyness, but nowadays I'm not that much lazy. I never stopped reading, tho I don't read as often as then, I still do read books a lot. The problem is that I'm in search of an idea, a spark, something. Something to get me started, a flow, anything. And here I am, for months. Playing video games, watching movies, looking at Pintrest for ideas and other stuff, just purely procrastinating as hell. And now, I'm laying in bed, just watching some digital art, thinking of all my past experiences in life and in fiction I've read and had, and just can't seem to get any ideas. I really want to write. Even if it sucks, even if it is abysmally bad, just can't get started, and don't even know where to start. Please help.

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