This post is going to contain spoilers for the book Jurassic Park by Micheal Crichton. So I guess I’ll start off with the thing that I liked about it. I think the best part about Jurassic Park is the action. Michael Crichton knows how to write a scene that is full of suspense, tension, and excitement. His scenes are full of moments that had me going, “Oh shit!” a lot. There’s a bit more of a mystery aspect to the book which is something that I also like. In the movie, some parts are directly told to you. For example, in the book, you don’t know that Nedry is going to steal the embryos. You kind of have to figure things out in the book, while the movie straight up told you Nedry was going to steal the embryos.

I also really need to point this out… Muldoon is my favorite character in the book hands down. Muldoon, in my opinion, is a million times better in the book than he is in the movie. He’s just so funny, and he has a lot more of a proactive role in the book. The scene where he hides in the pipe away from the raptors is hilarious. “Stuffed in a bloody pipe and I’m very popular at the moment!” I also thought the dialogue was pretty good for the most part. In the book, you get a lot more of Ian Malcolm’s philosophical talk. So if you liked Ian Malcolm getting in-depth about science and whatnot, then this is the book for you. There were also a couple scenes that were not in the movie but were freaking awesome. The part where Muldoon tries to hit the T-rex with a tranquilizing rocket launcher was great and was also another funny Muldoon moment.

With that being said, I have a lot of issues with the book. Sometimes it gets way too wordy, especially with Ian Malcolm. There will be a scene where raptors are trying to break into a building, and then all the sudden Ian will go on a big rant about the dangers of science. Why? THERE ARE RAPTORS TRYING TO EAT YOU! LECTURE LATER! The book can take a while to really get going, but it’s worth it near the end when things really start escalating. Also, Ellie does not have as much of a proactive role in the book.

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There are just a lot of characters, and one of the things I like about that movie is that it combines characters. Combining characters I think helped the movie overall and I’ll get into that more later. Anyways! There is this entire part near the end where Alan Grant for reason feels the need to find a raptor nest to count the eggs. Again. Why? Gennaro even explains to Alan that the military is going to blow up the island anyway, and that’s what happens. But Alan be like: NO! WE NEED TO COUNT THE RAPTOR EGGS! The entire part with the raptor nest just feels out of place to me, and the story comes to a screeching halt.

If you wanted to ask me if I liked the book better or the movie, then I would have to say the movie. Another problem I had with the book is that no one really had that much of arch, or character growth. I feel like Alan Grant was pretty much the same character at the beginning of the book than he was by the end of the book( Like most of the characters in the book in my opinion.). Unlike in the movie where he starts to connect a bit more with Tim and Lex. While in the book, he was already tolerant of kids. Even Hammond had a bit of an arch by becoming a better person. In the book, Hammond is just sort of an asshole. He also gets eaten by compys. Overall, the movie trimmed a lot of the fat of the book while also enhancing the story.

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I think that if I continue this post, then it’s just going to go on and on. Overall I really enjoyed it, and I’m going to be reading The Lost World very soon. What do you guys think of the book? Is it any good? Is it better than the movie? Where there any favorite parts that you guys had in the book?

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