What do you do with your ideas? Sometimes I feel like I have too many ideas, which is ok, but "the good ones" get lost in the myriad and mire of all the other ideas I have. I kind of file mine at the end of the story for ones that don't fit quite yet. The other ones that work will in my current outline, I put a little note in that section, the one's I really want to work in are at the top of my document under the title.

How do you organize your ideas and more importantly, NOT LOSE THEM!?

More specifically I guess I'm referring to the idea you create on a piece of the story you haven't written or outlined yet (I have outlined my story, but this idea doesn't fit…for now). For example, I want to add "light swords" to my work. It really doesn't fit in the story anywhere currently, and the bad guy, lets call him Anakin, and a good guy, let's call him Benjamin, have a shootout with blasters. So I've come up with this really cool idea of light swords! So I file the light swords in my idea document, a file that is busting at the seems with all kinds of stuff: like mysterious bounty hunters, lightning wizards, a koala-like race of people that fight with sticks and stones (this idea doesn't sound that great on paper, but trust me… 🙂 ), betrayals and all kinds of space opera stuff!!! BUT What was that idea I had 6 months ago about the ray dagger, gosh I can't remember. Laser dagger? Sheesh. Probably wasn't that great of an idea to begin with.

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