I have two stories on Wattpad that both have a solid base of readers. I finished one story over a year ago, and every day I get comments on the chapters still. The story I'm writing now is constantly getting comments too. People are writing on my board telling me they want me to update and that they love my stories. I'm trying to get ahead on story three as well!

So, I decided to sign up for Patreon because money is really tight right now. I was thinking of first having a rewrite of the ending of my first story and making it exclusive. The ending was kind of harsh and a lot of people agreed it would be cool to have a rewrite. Then I was going to offer early release chapters, write short stories with the characters of my previous works, etc.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or will it just flop? The last thing I want is for my following base to get angry I'm suddenly using Patreon for some things. I don't expect to make much, maybe a few dollars, but every cent counts.

Source: reddit post

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