I suffer from generalized anxiety, panic disorder, ADHD, and depression. All in all, I am very susceptible to the "I'll do it later" mantra. The issue with this is that I know how to write a convincing essay, I know how to write a relatively compelling short story. I learned to read around my 3rd birthday. I took only honors English classes. I was in the 97th percentile in the reading/writing section of my SATs. I know I'm good at writing if I have to be.

The combination of these two things leads to me not putting any real effort into my college writing, even the creative writing classes I take. I knock out stories in one sitting, go over it once or twice, and then turn it in. I don't like any of the stories and as soon as I get my grade, I toss them into the trash and never think about them again. They mean nothing to me.

For a long while, I've been thinking that I just don't enjoy writing anymore. I didn't get writer's block, I just didn't want to write what I knew that I could have written.

One thing I have always enjoyed is television. The intricacies of the many plots, the development of characters, the emotions you have for their ups and downs, and the way the writers always seem to screw it up just when it's about to all pay off. You get to see a massive amount of story spread out over the course of years and these fictional people become a part of your life. I like to pick apart episodes and debate (in a friendly way) with people on the internet about certain characters and what level of appreciation they deserve.

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I went through my DVD collection of shows (The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, X-Files) and finally came back to my favorite: Gilmore Girls.

I decided to do a full analysis of the pilot.

Then I moved on, I did the second episode. The third. The forth.

I'm on the eighth episode and I haven't had a single moment of fatigue or boredom. I write a summary of every scene, I then include a list of observations, I include what seems to be the narrative point of the episode, and my reaction to the episode. It's usually at least 3 pages of text in a normal Google Doc (times new roman, size 12).

I've been doing it for about 2 weeks now. Every single day, I do at least part of an analysis of an episode. I've gotten 5 likes at most on a post either on Tumblr or on Reddit and there is only one regular reader that I talk to.

Today, that reader asked me:

Why are they so damn long? Some people might not want to read them because they're so long.

My response made me happy. I said:

Because I'm doing this for me. I'd like people to read it, but it really doesn't affect me either way.

This is the first time in my life that I've never had attention issues during writing an analysis. I haven't gotten writer's block. I haven't gotten upset about anything.

I know that it's not the next great American Classic and that there's probably some error in my writing, but I enjoy it.

My tip is: write what you enjoy writing. It doesn't have to be creative, it doesn't have to be biographical. Just enjoy creating something for yourself. Don't even show it to anyone. What you're writing isn't just for you if it depends on the response of others.

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Write something that you'd want to read, don't write to please the masses.

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