I'm working on a sci-fi series that doesn't have a set cast spanning over the three books. Each of the books follows one of three colony ships sent away from earth just after the climax of a planet-destroying event. On each of these ships, there are the descendants of a group called the Soterans, people with superhuman abilities blamed for the downfall of earth. Each ship is of a different governing body, unable to contact the others, and therefore they handle the Soteran descendants differently. They take place a good ways in the future.

Part of my problem is that there is some canon divergences in this world near our real present time that caused different alliances and world superpowers than one would assume.Should I write a 4th book to proceed this trilogy, just to clarify the state of the world before the happenings of this trilogy? Or should I just have a disclaimer that things will be different from what they assume?

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