I live in a smaller city (population of about 50k) but I'm sure there are some people out there with monstrous resumes applying to be writers for local newspapers. I have a communication degree, and tbh my GPA was very low. I went back for a double major in neurosci and psych (at a tier 2 school I believe) with a 3.2 GPA. I know that's mostly unrelated, but I would hope it still counts for something or denotes something of my character. Unfortunately I don't have anything I can put on my resume that has to do with professional, technical, or creative writing, etc. So I'm assuming this is bad news for me. Realistically, what would I have to do to get a job at the local newspaper writing for them? Is this even worth the trouble? Generally, I have a very pessimistic view of the job market. I'm one of those 'it's who you know' guys. That's been my experience from jobs to middle school basketball tryouts. It's all a mess.

And if I have to be honest…this is not my passion. It is something I would like very much though. I would really like to write for my job, but my passion is music. I'm learning piano (extraordinarily fast tbh…I'm very good… just take my word). I want to make music and I need to read up on it more. I need to write songs. I need to familiarize myself with software and learn more about piano. I really don't have time to go back to school. I just want a job. I feel that I am beyond qualified. I was qualified before a second degree. That's the big joke here, yet I have no opportunity to prove myself it seems.

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